tragic incidence averted when A 29years Old A Master Degree Holder Survived Cardiac Arrest Due To Overweight!!!

Amazing result as My Transition From 175kg to 85kg was achieved in 109days without any medications no radical changes made to my diet  the transition was easy and task free after several attempts on drugs and exercises failed

how you too can achieve it, if you do set you mind to getting to your desired size

are you sick and wearied of medications on weight loss that fails to achieve anything it promises. i was in the same boat just as you are at some point in time in my life. it is terrible to have high hope reposed in a drug only for you to discover that it is a mirage. yes, so many conditions that is attached to these drugs is as hard as it is to maintain yet with your diligence in following through, it only gives little result and sometimes some have made the matter worst than it were.

let me share with you my experience and how i got out of it. i will call it road to size 10!!!

i had actually made up my mind to adjust psychologically to the believe that extra weight is a blessing from God and has little or nothing to do with ones diet or habit. though sometimes this may be the cause but in my case i would not know what to adduced mine to because i tend to add more weight whenever i decided to starve just to get rid of this unwanted i mean unsolicited fat in my body.

but come to think of it......

it started shortly after my puberty. at that time i was happy with the development, thinking that i wont be looked down upon by my peers at school being one of the youngest student in my school set at the time. in fact some of my juniors were 2-3years older in age than i am. what about my neighborhood it was an issue to earn any respect due to my age. so with this sudden explosion in size i felt at home with it. indeed it became an advantage to me seeing some of my older ones accorded me respect they would ordinarily not give to me.

but wait a minute at what point does it dawn on me that this asset of mine has indeed become a liability?

i graduated from one of the ivory towers in the land with a good prospect and high expectation to securing a good paying job. the opportunities did came because in quick succession i got 4 different invites for interviews in some of the nations blue chip companies only to be disqualifed even though i did well. and for what reasons? just one reason my weight size. then it occurred to me why some of the cute guys that approached me in the past dont last long and rather than propose they always opting for platonic relationship. oh i was downcast and almost sliding into depression it was at this time i met one of my distant elderly aunties. you know those ones that rarely come to the city and she spoke to me teasingly that if i do not shed my weight my weight will shed me. actually at this point it is a burden for me to climb the stairs it was that terrible. i asked her how to shed my weight since all the quick fix drugs had not helped out.


here is what she told me, go the ancient and natural way. water is the best and the right way to address overweight problems.


are you surprised? so was i when she told me it sounded impossible and too simplistic yes and rightly so. i am a living testimony of the efficacy of water therapy in weight loss management as far as i am concerned. though there are rules to comply with when following the therapy. in any case this is a relieve as it does not require me going to gym or running early in the morning and all what not. it actually worked for me. this is an ancient practice which has now been scientifically proven with laboratory evidences. there is no need for unnecessary exercises for it to work. it is so simple just as it sounded.


do you wish to tackle the issue of excess weight and unwanted fat stored away in your body by using water therapy and weight loss management guide!!!

you stand to gain these benefits:

reduction in calorie without cutting your diet. at least you get to keep a large chunk of your menu

regulated hydration with minimal concern for dehydration

weight loss of about 3kg in the first few week without dieting. you dont need to do a walkout session

enhanced metabolism free of drugs. your eating is improved and you have no concern for constipation


for detail information on

"magical effect of water therapy in weight loss"

how to adopt this therapy and apply it effectively it is required that you order for this report. therein it is outlined step by step actions to be taken that will give you the desired outcome.



before                                                                 after  


with this report you will learn how to:

take care of your daily water intakes

the nature of water you actually required

how you can flavour your water

what not to add to your water

seeing water as your medicine and nutrition



going by the result you will get within the shortest period when you put all the information contained in this report to action , you will realized that if i ask you to pay #8,500 is not too much. this is an information many lack that had led to their untimely death. do you know that 67% of obese develop one form of heart ailments or the other by the time they reach age 55yrs to 62yrs.

hypertension is also associated with obesity. Obesity is the Root cause of the following conditions such as heart diseases,hypertension,type 2 diabetes,certain cancer,sleep and Respiratory issues,osteoarthritis,stroke and gallstones. i will have to charge you a token of #6,500 for this information. once you have it, it is yours permanently it cannot be retrieved.


why burden already bothered soul. i knew what i went through before i came across this information. i do not have the heart to keep this information to my self. i just need to let the world know about this secret weapon to tackle obesity which is always with us even in abundance. it is a nature gift to mankind therefore with #2,200 you will get a copy of this report . for how long i may not be able to answer now.

but be rest assured that with strict compliance with all the information outlined in this report you will definitely record your own relief from the grip and burden of overweight. nevertheless if you feel you are not getting result be free to request the refund of your money as this is not a money making venture.


to get a copy of "magical effect of water therapy in weight loss" now you just have to pay the sum of #2,200 to the following account numbers by bank deposit, online transfer, or mobile money transfer

first bank

name:yemi adekanola 3079644368


access bank

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uBA nig. ltd

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after payment

send "water therapy and weight loss,name,email,teller no" to 09082002888



this information is helpful to reduce your kidney infections 

 reduces the risk of contracting any terminal ailments by 75%.

it is a natural endowment the maker has blessed the human race with

it reduces the friction in the joints and

it lubricates the spinal cord



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